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Q What do I receive at check-in at my Wisconsin bike ride

A. Upon your arrival for your Wisconsin bike tour, you will be given a packet which contains all the routes, maps and Q sheets for the trip plus any pre-ordered PAW shirts. Just as important there will be snacks and cold beverages. An ice-cream social follows later that night! 

Q. Should I bring my own tubes, tires or spokes for my Wisconsin bicycle tours

A. PAW strongly encourages bikers to always carry at least two spare tubes & pump/CO2. We do furnish tubes for a nominal fee. It's also a great idea to store spare spokes in your luggage. If you own a bike with odd sized tires this becomes especially important as some bike shops may not carry your size. You may bring additional tires which we can store in the baggage truck at no additional cost.  Those who struggle changing a flat tire will have help from our SAG support or fellow riders.  

Q. Is there a mass start time to begin the ride each day? Do I have to keep up with anyone?

A.  This is vacation;  ride at your own pace and leave the hotel whenever you wish.  There is no mass start.  Most riders leave between 7-9am.  Relax and take your time, since SAG vehicles stay out until the last rider finishes.  Riders average speed on our tours range from 9-20mph, so there's always someone to ride with if you wish.  We enourgage riders to take their time, stop at see the sights, and take in a bakery or three.  

Q.  How do the hotels arrangements work?  Can PAW find me a roommate? 

A.  Rooms are based upon double occupancy, (2 riders per room).  You may secure your room alone by adding the private room fee (see registration form). Riders may also request PAW finds a roommate, (we'll do our best) or bring their own roommate.  Simply check the "help find me a roommate" line on the registration form.   

Q.  Are non-riders allowed?

A.  Yes, we welcome non-riders and do our best to make them feel part of the group even though they're not riding a bicycle.   Non riders may attend when sharing room with rider. Rider must add private room fee to cover cost of non-riders hotel portion. Non rider fee (see registration forms) includes all group meals, happy hours, ice-cream socials, access to food stop snacks. Non-riders are responsible for their own transportation & baggage transport.

Q. What do you offer at your food stops?

A. You can always count on Ice-cold water and Lemonade, Gatorade, assorted nuts, tropical trail mix, mountain trail mix,  assorted pretzels, bread, peanut butter, (crunchy and non-crunchy) grape and strawberry jelly, granola bars, bananas, sliced oranges & a wide variety of cookies plus the occasional homemade treats.  Baggies are furnished for carry-out as well. 

Q. Can I bring my laptop or tablet on the baggage truck? 

A. Yes. All computers must be packaged in a carrying case with your name on it. Your computer will be transported in the cab (front) of the truck. Your computer will be delivered to the hotel front desk where you will claim it. PAW has never had a computer damaged in transport but of course there is a first time for everything. Please understand electronic devices are carried at your own risk. 

Q. How do I get a SAG vehicle to stop for me? 

A. Signal a "thumbs down" hand gesture as the SAG vehicle approaches. (Thumbs up means all is well, and is appreciated by the Sag drivers). We also print the SAG drivers' cell phone numbers on your Que Sheet. 

Q. Why Wisconsin?

A.  We have organized tours in Wisconsin since 1985 because Wisconsin has the largest collection of low traffic paved backroads in the country, which offers a variety of scenery seemingly custom-made for bicycling. Riders from all over the country, Canada and Europe have enjoyed riding with PAW as we ride through unique towns, state and national forests and shoreline routes featuring low traffic.  From the Northwoods to the shorelines of Door County and the rolling green landscape of Spring Green on our Old World Wisconsin tour, the diversity Wisconsin offers is unmatched by any other state.   

Q.  Baggage policy; how many bags can I bring?

A. As many as you like, provided each bag is under 35lbs, please. PAW never limits the amount of luggage our riders can bring but we appreciate when riders abide by the weight limit. Bags with wheels are also encouraged.
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