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"PAW does it again!"

PAW does it again! Superb scenery with gorgeous lakes, forests, and wildlife to enjoy. Very little traffic and good roads. Dr. J. has found roads even we from Wisconsin have not ridden on. Thanks to Dr. J. and his excellent crew for a perfect vacation. Mary Ann Duckert/Waukesha, Wi.
"This trip is a tremendous value.."

"Dr. J., You and your staff have been a joy. You provide just the right level of caring support with a spirit of friendship and good humor. The time you have spent in preparation has certainly paid off. This trip is a tremendous value. Good motels, meals, and support for a bargain price." Dave Waycie/Mount Prospect, Il.
"What a nice break from the Texas heat.."
"This tour is exactly what I love the most. Little winding roads with 60 people make a great combination. I can't remember ever being on a tour where each corner was so well marked for an entire week. And what a nice break from the Texas heat. Every mile was fun and appreciated. Thanks so much. I'll certainly tell everyone that this is a "must trip." Dorothy Smith/ Victoria, Tx
"PAW rides meet all levels of skills for bikers. The service and prices are unmatched by other tours. Even when a ride attracts large numbers, the personal touch you add remains." -Marie Tenzinger Wheaton, IL
"The scenery was beautiful every day.."
"The scenery was beautiful every day with opportunity to observe all sorts of wild life. I have always been fond of Wisconsin, but I certainly have a greater appreciation of its splendor in the Northwoods now." Debbie Neczet/South Barrington, Il.
"Dr. J. & Crew, What an amazing week! Northern Wisconsin is a biker's paradise. You and your staff are first rate. Your route and organization have set the bar high for this tour to be outdone." Mike Buhr/Joliet, Il.
"Dr. J. & Crew, I said it on day one & can still say it at the end: This has far exceeded my expectations. So many happy days in a row...excellent directions and route, exceellent support, excellent everything." Jane Strom/Chisholm,Mn.
"Of nine different week-long tours I have taken, this one ranks among the very best. Definitely the best buy of all tours. Thanks for a wonderful week." DeVon Hoffman/ Goshen, In.
"What a wonderful experience. Thank you, PAW for making my first road trip one of my best vacations ever. Susan Smith, Country Club Hills, IL.

"The PAW trip to the Northwoods was fantastic. The routes were well marked and the support crew was great. This trip was totally enjoyable." Bruce Williams/ St. Louis, Mo.
The PAW Northwoods trip was well organized and a lot of fun. The hotels sure beat my tent and air mattress. I would certainly recommend this trip. Larry Sargent/Valparaiso
Thanks so much for a great weekend. The routes were great and so was the food. You made the long trip well worth it. Holly Morton/Pontiac, Mi.
"This trip was fabulous cycling on quiet backroads with excellent support and great roadside foodstops. The meals were superb, there was no weight lost on this trip. We have done numerous trips with PAW and will continue to do so." Carol Passowic & Woyteck Morajko/Janesvills, WI.

"So many happy days in a row.."
"Definitely the best buy of all tours.."
"The hotels sure beat my tent and air mattress.."
You made the long trip well worth it.." 
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My name is Kathy, and my husband and I have been PAW-ers for ages (since the mid-80’s.) My husband is an avid biker, and I love to bike, but am not a huge mega-miler and the PAW rides suit both of us to perfection. You can choose different mileage routes, and the rides are both challenging and enjoyable.

The wonderful thing about the rides (other than THE BEST rest stops ever!) are all the people. It’s like a group of friends (old and new) get together to go biking and have fun. The ages range from toddlers riding in those cute little pull-alongs to those bikers who seem to have been born on a bike and never plan to get off (some of them are amazing) and everything in between. The group is incredibly friendly, and the ride is big enough that you are part of a good-size group, but small enough that you get to know all the others you are with.

Did I mention the rest stops? Excellent, excellent food, all the stuff us bikers live on and plenty of it! Cookies, bananas, pretzels, pb&j’s bagels, lemonade, snack bars, the list goes on and on! You sure won’t go hungry on a PAW ride.

The SAG wagon is a good thing to have and know is there as you bike. If anything goes wrong, you aren’t on your own. Jerry takes great care to make sure he knows who is where, and how they are doing. He keeps track of all of us as we relax and have the time of our life!

The routes are fabulous as well. Little to no traffic, and the scenery is beautiful. Until a year ago we lived in Chicago, and loved our PAW getaways to Wisconsin. (We loved it so much we moved to Wisconsin, but that’s another story!) It seems that Jerry knows all the “best kept secret” roads to bike on. The scenery is spectacular, rolling hills, forests, picturesque farms, lakes, all the things you love to see when you’re pedaling the miles away.

We love all the rides; each one has it’s own personality. From the Amish farms and Lion’s Club BBQ in Pardeeville (gee, I sure seem to be focused on food) to the incredible beauty of Door County, you can’t go wrong with whatever ride you choose.

We’ve been on many, many organized rides over the years, and all over the United States, but we keep coming back to PAW year after year. It’s our very favorite, and I can’t imagine anything Jerry could do to make it better.

These rides are top notch! 

Kathy Steffen 
Dr. J. and Fantastic Wonderful Crew,

Once again, thank you for a wonderful time. Each year you seem to out do yourselves. No other ride provides the personal level of service you do. We look forward to seeing you each time we come to Wisconsin, and are sad when we have to leave.

Hopefully, we will see you all again next year.

Keep in touch and safe riding.

Lisa and Jim Hancock
Georgia, USA
"The scenery was some of the best.."

We got back home at 10:00 p.m. on Sunday evening and pronounced the long drive well worth it. We really had a good time. The scenery between New Glarus & Spring Green was some of the best we’ve seen in Wisconsin, and thanks to you we’ve seen a good bit.

Please pass along our thanks & gratitude to Ken & Nikki and Don & Barb and Janice for all they did to make it a superior tour for us.

We sure enjoy seeing you guys. We will keep in touch.

Tod & Susan
Norman, Oklahoma


Kathy was so right in her description of the PAW rides. I was so nervous about going on my first ride and her reassurance made all the difference. Jerry and his crew makes it all so easy. They are there 24/7 to make sure your vacation is stress free. He knows the routes, the food, the weather and the people. The group is welcoming and laid back. I agree with all Kathy says and more. Since that first ride, Jerry has helped me design my new bike, planned a route for 3 friends and myself twice and has answered millions of questions about gear ratios, hills and more hills. It was one of my best decisions to become a member of the PAW’s family. Thanks, Jerry.  


"Dear PAW, Thank you for the best week of my year! Once again you mapped and planned a beautiful scenic week. The thought that goes into the details makes your tours AMAZING. I look forward to next year!" Sandi Rushing

"I've been on many trips but this is the best run trip that there is. You all do such a great job and I don't think I could go with another company. We are well treated and it's enjoyable to come back every year." Stacey Furness, Mason City, Iowa